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"As a young upcoming bodybuilder, I always need to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and mostly relief from any tension and muscle stiffness. Booking my first treatment with Relief therapy a few months ago has been life changing and I have been persistently booking my sports massages ever since. The booking process is very simple, easy and professional. It is absolutely worth every penny and more! On my latest arrival , the Therapist made me feel so welcome and I was pleasantly surprised that her massage bed had a heated blanket below. It made me feel so relaxed and valued as a client. After my treatment I was allowed to relax for a little while and slowly wake up again at my own pace. I cannot stress enough how my body feels renewed and I’m able to move freely again. Thank you for being customer oriented, professional and one powerhouse of a Sports Massage Therapist. I rate Relief Therapy 10000/10."

Caryn Shuster

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"I started seeing Clarisa last year, once a week due to 2 previously dislocated shoulders. I was too scared to do any upper body training. I was constantly in pain due to weakened rotators and alot of scar tissue. My swim was slow, I couldn't go for long rides on the bike. After that came my ITB. Was constantly having niggles with my right knee. I was completely dispondent. Then I decided that I was going to be taking part in IMSA 2023 and be part of Team Green, Ironman for Nature. I'm no runner or strong swimmer. With Clarisa's help I have been able to run, without knee pain or ankle pain, no ITB issues. My swim is the strongest it's ever been, with no shoulder pain. I also go to her once a week for Pneumatic Compression Therapy, due to poor blood circulation in my legs. I feel like a completely different person. What seemed like an Everest to climb, has made my journey that much more enjoyable and I am excited for IMSA March 2023."

Michelle Larsen


"When I went to Clarisa, or my Miracle Worker as I call her, for the first time I was struggling with massive muscle fibre separation issues. It came to the point where I had NO definition during my posing session even tho I was leaning out. I didn't know what to do as I was stressing because I was only few days out from my 1st ever show. All she said was that she got me. Well that weekend the trophies spoke for themselves... then many more injuries and saving grace moments occurred after one very recently was when I had severe problems with my ankle especially getting my knee to be able to move far enough that it passes my toe. After only A single session i could move freely and best of all it was painless. Clarisa has assisted me in my rehab and I will forever be gratefull. Thank You Relief Therapy !"

Mateo Heneke

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"When I first came to Relief I was struggling with lower back and knee pain. As a sportsman, I push my body very hard and with the help of Relief Therapy, I was able to give my body some much needed attention and recovery. I always left our weekly sessions feeling light on my feet and ready for another week of hard training with no back or knee issues."

Edgar Katushabe

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" The Relief Therapy team have been vital to keeping by body on working order over the kast couple of years.

From fascia release and sport massage to compression therapy and lymph node drainage. And they are always super friendly and efficient. 


Thanks Clarisa & Team for always keeping me going."

Zirk Haefele

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"I had really bad shoulder and elbow pain and from the first session with Clarisa from Relief Therapy I could feel a difference. After a couple of sessions the pain was gone. I am still going for my recovery maintenance massages and I always feel great afterwards. I can now continue to give 110% in the gym with nothing getting in my way. Clarisa makes you feel so comfortable and is extremely professional and knowledgable always answering all my questions with detail. I can’t recommend Relief Therapy enough! Your body will thank you!"

Jurgen Steyn


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