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750 g | 25 x 30 g Servings

Ignite your efforts on the field or in the gym with


Carefully formulated in line with scientific research, CREATINE x supplies energy, promotes exercise recovery and maximises post-training muscle and strength gains.

This unique formulation ensures that creatine and other key anabolic agents are delivered to your muscles with maximum speed and efficiency, supporting enhanced cell volumisation, strength and lean muscle gain.

The incorporation of fast-acting carbohydrates with key amino acids provides efficient, rapid delivery of both anabolic and anti-catabolic nutrients into the blood. This helps to refuel depleted muscles with the nutrients needed for both rapid recovery and enhanced muscle growth and strength. Optimised nutrient uptake is further promoted with ingredients that support insulin production and

enhance bioavailability.

This clean label blend will elevate your athletic performance without chemical, artificial or biochemically engineered ingredients.

Creatine RX

R349.00 Regular Price
R299.00Sale Price
  • - Creatine monohydrate supports explosive strength, power and muscle building

    - L-glutamine and taurine assist hydration, cell volumisation and recovery

    - Chromium picolinate and black pepper extract support insulin function and nutrient absorption

    - Formulated to assist hydration and glycogen loadingfor enhanced muscle volume and fullness

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